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Logo Design

A new business for a young violinist who has recently entered

the world of violin making in Munich. Much appreciated

for the perfection, creativity and the amazing sound characteristics with which she realizes her instruments, 

Lisa is also very careful about nature conservation. 

She collaborates with some brands to safeguard 

the existence of trees, vital essences donated by nature  

and without which she could not realize her instruments.

Particularly attentive to the tastes of the customers, she prefers  to choose together with them the characteristics and materials

that will constitute the new realizations.

For Lisa I wanted to create an exclusive brand, fresh, young, 

very elegant and characterized by a particularly minimalist style. It represents a stylized violin in the center of a circle 

where the monogram with Lisa's initials is also included.  

Monogram and pictogram form a whole within this circle 

that symbolically includes everything, as nature and man 

are inseparable parts of it. It presents an extremely clean style with geometric lines but also soft, a style that well represents accuracy, reliability and creativity at the same time.

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